Attention CMHS Aquatics families of the following athletes....

Posted by Costa Mesa High School Aquatics on Jun 25 2015 at 07:32AM PDT in 2015

Attention CMHS Aquatics families of the following athletes,

We really need your help with staffing the Fireworks booth. As of today, we do not show that you have signed up for any shifts. Please sign up today.

Adam Smith
Adrian Palacios
Brenna Alvis
Caleb Fleener
Cailee Enslow
Elizabeth Vaidhayakul
Felicity Soueidan
Grace Ly
Hanna Carillio
Ivan Shinkleman
Jacob Fleener
Jacob Peterson
Kayla Rundberg
Kaylie Tickenoff
Kintak Keju
Lauren Kiefer
Micheala Seal
Michelle Vu
Nancy Le
Nick Ly
Sara Catania
Sylvia Catania
Tia Gordon

You can sign up for the fireworks booth at:


In the event your schedule does not allow you to volunteer at the fireworks booth, please contact one of the coaches or Nigel Fisher directly. We have an alternate option to sign up for extra fair parking lot shifts or you can also choose to donate $100 to the CMHS Aquatics Boosters so that we can hire people to cover your shifts.

Please contact one of the following:

Nigel Fisher, CMHS Aquatics Booster President
Cody Serrano Head Boys Water Polo Coach
Dustin Serrano Head Girls Water Polo Coach
Kyle Thorsness Head Boys and Girls Swim Team Coach

Thank you

Thank you to all the people who have already signed up!