Need Voting Booster Membership for upcomming vote

Posted by Costa Mesa High School Aquatics on Jul 22 2015 at 04:03PM PDT in 2015

Hello Everyone,

We need to vote on the stipend for the additional boys water polo coach as we did last year. However, we do not technically have many voting members yet for this year. (2015 – 2016)

Costa Mesa High School Aquatics Boosters is a Non Profit Association; as such it requires paying members to function. Membership dues for the 2015 – 2016 are $5.00 per person. Voting membership is open to any parent of past and / or present players, Coaches, and to any former CMHS Aquatics athlete.
If you would like to vote on this item, you will need to pay your $5.00 membership to the CMHS Aquatics Boosters by 7/24.

You can do this by:
1. Using a credit card on-line by going to our website and clicking on membership dues.
2. Call Heather Ferguson (CMHS Aquatics Boosters Treasurer) with your credit card info, 714-267-2699
3. Send a check asap to Costa Mesa High School Aquatics Boosters , P.O box 3907, Costa Mesa, CA 92628.
4. Put $5.00 in an envelope and give to Dustin or Cody with your info on the outside by Friday 8:30 am 7/24. (They are currently at the pool deck for summer water polo.)

With your membership dues please provide:
Your name
Phone #

The email motion and vote will be:

Nigel Fisher makes a Motion for “CMHS Aquatics Boosters club to donate $2K to the district to hire an additional Boys Polo coach”.
This will match the donation made last year. In order to have the payment made to the coach in a timely matter, we need to have the check to the athletic department by 8/3/15. So we need to vote on this ASAP. We are looking for someone to 2nd the motion and all to cast your vote of support.

Thank you,
CMHS Aquatics Boosters