Help!!!! We still need people from 3 to 6

Posted by Costa Mesa High School Aquatics on Jul 04 2016 at 11:05AM PDT in 2015

Attention Everyone,,,,,,

We desperately need help between 3 and 6 today. We only have 2 people working these shifts.
We are very low on sales and this should be our busiest time and we do not want customers to get frustrated and walk away./

Please help!!!!!!

There are a several familes who still have not signed up, some that have only signed up for 1 shift and many who have worked 4 and 5 shifts.

So please do your part and sign up! These are only 1 hour sifts. Just work 1 hour and then go back to your celebrating. If we don’t make our goals with this fundraiser we will have to a lot of other fundraising through out the year to buy equipment and gear.

You can sign up here:


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