Still need lots of help today and Thursday. Please help!

Posted by Costa Mesa High School Aquatics on May 02 2017 at 09:06AM PDT in 2015

Hello Everyone,

We still need lots of help for today and Thursday

League Prelims and Final are next week Tuesday and Thursday at CMHS, please see the following important information:

Tuesday May 2 2pm-7pm(approx.)
Thursday May 4 2pm-6pm (approx.)

The athletes are on a “taper” now, their daily workouts are decreasing and they should not be expending that energy elsewhere. They need to be eating well and staying hydrated as well as sleeping sufficiently. This coming weekend and the Wednesday between Prelims and Finals are particularly tempting times to “do something” because they are bored, it’s a really bad time to sustain an injury so please help them to understand how important nutrition, hydration and staying whole and injury free are to their success next Tuesday and Thursday.

We need A LOT of volunteers for the following jobs:

Individual Lane Timers. This is an easy job and you get a front row seat. We need two people per lane to press a “pickle” (button) when the swimmer is finished with their race. These act as back up times for the touchpads, as well as making the finish times official for CIF purposes.

We also need “runners” to post results and work on crowd control (keeping people out of the area where the timing system is set up)

Snack bar will also need a lot of help. You can sign up on line to help out in the snack bar at the following link:

The League will be charging $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for kids at Finals only.
A list of volunteers will be given to the gate so that volunteers get in free on Thursday

If you have any questions or want to volunteer for these jobs (except snack bar, please fill that out online) please email me at
Thank you!


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