Still need snack bar Donations

Posted by Heather Ferguson on Apr 26 2015 at 04:57PM PDT in 2015

Hello All Aquatics Families,

We have only received a couple of donations for the snack bar and really need more for the upcoming events. If you have donated thank you so much!!! It is really appreciated!

The next home event is a swim meet Wednesday (4-29) at 3:00 pm vs Calvery Chapel

So please donate what you can.

The snack bar still needs the following items…..

Tortillas and Cheese for Quesadillas

Pizza pepperoni hot pockets, and other flavors


Starbucks: mocha, vanilla or caramel

Candies: M&M, Almond Joy, Snickers, kit Kat, Sour Punch or any other

Protein Bars

Mac & Cheese

Burritos or Chimichangas

Sodas and Gatorades

Fruits are also needed but need to be brought the day of the games.

Please contact Andreia to let her know what you can bring. You can text or call her at 949-735-6570

You can drop it off at her house and she will bring to the Aquatics center or you can let her know that you will bring it the day of the event.

She lives behind the school at:
2744 Lorenzo Ave, Costa Mesa CA 92626

Please help support the program!

The aquatics program relies on donations, fundraising and volunteers to operate.

Also if you haven’t already please join us on:

Facebook at: CMHS Aquatics
Instagram: cmhs_aquatics

Also if you have any photos you would like us to share on Facebook and Instagram please send them to:
or text them to 714-267-2699

Upcoming events:

April 22 swim meet @ Saddleback
April 29 swim meet at CMHS vs Calvery
April 30 team photos
May 6 League prelims at CMHS (Need lots of Volunteers)
May 8 League finals at CMHS (Need lots of Volunteers)
May 11 CIF Diving
May 13 Booster Meeting at CMHS
May 15 CIF Swim Prelims
May 16 CIF Swim Finals
May 19 Swim Banquet (Invitations will be given out soon)

Thank you!!!!

Hope to see everyone at all the events.